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    ssen atelier

    Mermaid Tears Earring

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    Mermaid Tears EarringMermaid Tears Earring
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    ssen atelier

    Coral Slider Bracelet

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    Coral Slider BraceletCoral Slider Bracelet
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    ssen atelier

    Mira Bracelet

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    Mira Bracelet
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    ssen atelier

    Aqua Mermaid Necklace

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    Aqua Mermaid NecklaceAqua Mermaid Necklace
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SSEN Fusion

This label features designs that work with gemstones and seedbeads. A fusion of ssen and aplaywithb.

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Our SSEN Bento

Like a heart warming homemade meal, all SSEN orders are handmade with love and finally wrapped in a handpicked and hand sewn fabric.

You can pick your choice of fabric from the SSEN packaging tab.

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Birth Month Necklace

Birthstones adorn the left, where it is closer to the heart. Odd even odd even that's the rhythm of the months.

Do you see the rhythm?

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  • "Soft" Bangle Bracelet

    A bracelet that is an integration of the soft and the hard. It holds a shape like a bangle but it is flexible and lightweight at the same time.

  • Flexible Bracelet

    The bracelet uses a durable and flexible stainless steel wire that is coated with a protective, abrasion resistant nylon coating.

  • Chain Bracelet

    The bracelet is made up of segments chained together using 14k gold-filled wire.

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