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ssen atelier

Edelweiss bracelet

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A minimalist design yet filled with surprises in the details. 

Start (the year) with a blank state (a white canvas), yet not forgetting to carry a flame within you (in your heart). This is the flame of passion, of vigor, of courage, the spark that allows you to face the new experiences ahead.

A touch of red - the garnet, representing this flame hidden within you, is integrated at the back of the bracelet, where the extension chain is, giving it a sense of a wholesome circle that has no ends. This integration also means that the supposedly 'back of bracelet' could also be turned inside out and be used in the front when you feel like you need an additional highlight for your outfit of the day. 

Together with the play of colour from the Ethiopian opals, this seemingly simple bracelet is brought alive. It carries the spirit of 'the beauty within', and that the beauty lies in the meaning and mentality.

It is gentle and subtle yet strong in the meaning that it holds.



White Freshwater pearl (2.5 & 3.5mm), Ethiopian opal (3.9mm), Rainbow moonstone, Garnet, Orange Freshwater pearl

Stainless steel flexi wire

14k Gold-filled spring clasp, chain, wire and hardware


Bracelet shown in image is  14cm with 3cm extension chain




All items are handmade, no two pieces are the exact same.

All crystals and pearls are naturally formed materials that may have slight flaws and blemishes. Do expect slight difference in the colour and shade of the crystal.

All crystals will be cleansed before sending out.

Some crystals are not water-friendly, it is not advisable to wear them in shower or get them wet. 

Colour captured in photo may differ according to devices or lighting conditions 



We pack your items in handsewn cloths. You may choose the one you like by adding it to cart from the packaging page. Otherwise it will be given at random.

(Note: choice of cloth is not guaranteed and is subjected to availability as they are also made to order according to size of packages)

By default, all bracelets and necklace will be packed into a single case and wrapped in a single cloth. Should you require them to be packed individually, please leave a note in the comment box at checkout.

For more information, please refer to our packaging page.

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As part of our effort to be sustainable, we adopt a packing style that encourages reuse and reduce, while not compromising on your consumer experience.

By default, all items will in an order will be packed into a single plastic case, with the exception of earrings.

Should you need your orders to be in individual packaging, do indicate in the comment box provided at checkout.


SSEN ATELIER & AplaywithB has their individual packing style.



 - Each pair of earrings will be packed in their individual glass bottles (size will be chosen according to the product). Foam used for protecting the glass bottle will be reused from the ones given by supplier.

Do indicate in comment box if you prefer to have them in plastic boxes instead of glass bottles.

- All other items are packed in plastic cases with size corresponding to the order/ product.

- All items by ssen atelier will be wrapped in a handsewn cloth (size will vary accordingly)

Cloth patterns will change from time to time. We try to make sure that you will not get a repeat (by default).

Alternatively you may choose the cloth you prefer by adding it to cart from the packaging page.



- uses plastic boxes with size corresponding to the order/ product.

- wrapped in cotton paper